Focus Areas and Mentors

The program has identified seven areas of special interest that capitalize on local expertise, while welcoming participation from any scholar whose work touches upon women’s health. BIRCWH mentors come from many UCSF departments and KPNC DOR sections.

Mental health, addiction and cognition

  • Elise Riley, UCSF Medicine, HIV/AIDS
  • Sarah Roberts, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn
  • Connie Weisner, UCSF Medicine, Psychiatry
  • Rachel Whitmer, Kaiser Research, Behavioral Health & Aging; UCSF Epi/Biostats
  • Kristine Yaffe, UCSF Medicine, Psychiatry

Infectious diseases

  • Craig Cohen, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn & Global Health Sciences    
  • Monica Gandhi, UCSF Medicine, HIV/AIDS     
  • Phyllis Tien, UCSF Medicine, Infectious Diseases     

Environmental health

  • Paul Blanc, UCSF Medicine, Occupational Medicine       
  • De-Kun Li, KPNC DOR, Women & Children's Health           
  • Tracey Woodruff, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn        

Women's cancers

  • Laura Esserman, UCSF Medicine, Surgery/Radiology  
  • Laurie Habel, KPNC DOR, Cancer        
  • Karla Kerlikowske, UCSF Epi/Biostat & Medicine          
  • Elad Ziv, UCSF Medicine, Genetics   

Reproductive health across the lifespan

  • Claire Brindis, UCSF Medicine, Pediatrics & Institute for Health Policy Studies 
  • Philip Darney, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn         
  • Diana Foster, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn     
  • Deborah Grady, UCSF Epi/Biostats & Medicine, Women's Health Clinical Research Center          
  • Cynthia Harper, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn    
  • Tina Raine-Bennett, KPNC DOR, Women's Health

Metabolism and bone health

  • Assiamira Ferrara, KPNC DOR, Women & Children's Health           
  • Erica Gunderson, KPNC DOR, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Conditions    
  • Alka Kanaya, UCSF Medicine, General Internal Medicine          
  • Wendy Katzman, UCSF Medicine, Physical Therapy     
  • Joan Lo, KPNC DOR, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Conditions; UCSF Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism
  • Dolores Shoback, UCSF Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism   

Social determinants of health

  • Nancy Adler, UCSF Medicine, Psychiatry    
  • Carol Camlin, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn & Global Health Sciences    
  • Shari Dworkin, UCSF Nursing, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Elena Fuentes-Afflick, UCSF Medicine, Pediatrics    
  • Ushma Upadhyay, UCSF Medicine, Ob/Gyn